Who we are

We are a global alliance that brings together Strategic Mentors, with high-level background and who experienced acting in several and different areas of knowledge.

What we do

The Strategic Mentoring Global Alliance offers to each of its members the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, learn new techniques, be in touch with the most recent learning researches and studies, and to ensure that each of them can deliver their best in his or her area of work.

Our Mission

“Globally inspire people and organizations to share experiences, knowledge and ideas in order to create effective learning environments and achieve the best results”.

Strategic Mentoring Global Alliance a place to "Learn to Learn" a place to "Share Your Experiences" a place to "Develop Talents"

Strategic Mentoring has very high ROI
In 2020 Millennial Generation will represent 70% of employees
Millenial Generation prefers Mentoring
Strategic Mentoring is much more than Mentoring
It is a Strategic way to Create Social Learning

Be a Member

Many different ways to participate now of our Strategic Mentoring Global Alliance.

Join Us

If you are a person who has some knowledge and experience, and considers that these can help someone, whether a person or company, you should consider to become a Strategic Mentor. Teachers , consultants, coaches , psychologists , therapists, business experts, IT, HR, social media or education experts, all of them are strong candidates to take advantage of our alliance.

Mentor Talks®

We have an exclusive Strategic Mentoring Certification Program – Mentor Talks®.
Become a real Strategic Mentor with knowledge and perfect understanding of main Modern Strategic concepts and tools.

Find a Strategic Mentor

The Strategic Mentoring Global Alliance has a great diversity of Strategic Mentors and Experts that can help you with your demands and needs. If you are looking for a real Mentor we invite you visit our website and keep in touch with our team of experts. If you need more information how they work or need further questions please feel free to contact us.

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